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Talent Paymaster, Inc. and Neverland Film Services are among the south’s leading payroll companies for television, motion picture, commercial, documentary, and theatrical projects.

With close ties to the production communities throughout the south and a thorough knowledge of local film tax incentives and Regional Contracts, TPI and Neverland can help you maximize your production dollars. Our efficiency and flexibility are hallmarks of the personalized service we have offered to the commercial and broadcast industry at TPI since 1984. Neverland Film Services was founded in 1990 to bring the same quality of professional service to the motion picture and documentary film community.

Specializing in payroll for SAG-AFTRA, AFofM, AEA and other projects utilizing talent, TPI and Neverland have been involved in numerous productions – as diverse as small independent films or as large as on-going payrolls for major market television stations.

At TPI and Neverland, we know that each project is unique and we are ready to work with your production team to create the right payroll package for you.

About Our Team

Tim on location in Maine

Tim on location in Maine

In 1984, a well-respected casting director, Shay Griffin (then a talent agent) asked Tim McCabe if he would be the paymaster for one of her clients. Almost thiry years and hundreds of payrolls later, Tim is still the go-to guy for talent payments in the southeast. His long roster of clients reads like a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies and major producers. With close ties to most of Georgia’s film and television industry heavyweights through the Georgia Production Partnership, Tim is intimately involved with growing and nurturing film, television, and commercial work in the region.

Tim is no stranger to production. During his career, he has produced two Emmy winning television entertainment specials and numerous industrial shows. As a musician and singer he has written, produced or sung on over 500 jingles; written and published about 75 songs, and produced 15 CDs for his label, Planet Earth Recording Co.

Tim continues to lead the companies he founded and is enjoying the bountiful blessings the State of Georgia is currently experiencing. The film industry here “has never been more alive than now, ” he says. Neverland had five major film projects last year.  Tim was on location with some of them as production accountant. “With all the studios being built and the production projects coming into Georgia at a record breaking pace, you can’t help but feel the excitement just being here.”