How Neverland Works

slider-greenscreenNeverland Film Services provides complete payroll processing, specifically tailored to the needs of your project. We are “on site” as necessary. For crew and administrative payroll, we’ll provide you with Start/Close forms, which incorporate I-9 and W-4 information, as well as time cards for your employees to complete. For administrative staff, we can generate your payroll based upon a simple Time Card Summary or spreadsheet that you email us.

You determine when you want your employees to be paid. If the week ends on Friday, you email us the payroll information by the following Monday. We email you an invoice for the payroll amount by Wednesday, and begin processing the payroll.

If the funds are deposited into our account by end of day on Wednesday, the checks are cut on Thursday, and deposited into the employees account by Friday (with direct deposit authorization from the staff member). Otherwise, the checks are mailed or delivered to your office for distribution on Friday. Neverland can turnaround the payroll as quickly as you need it, but this schedule is usually comfortable for all parties.

securedownloadWe take care of:

  • all state and federal withholdings and filings,
  • quarterly reports,
  • and W-2 or 1099 statements at the end of the year.

We’ll provide you with:

  • a worker’s comp certificate of insurance
  • and a weekly payroll print out which gives you a complete tracking of each transaction.
  • We are the employer of record.

The Bottom Line

Regarding our costs, the bottom line percentage for cast, crew, and administrative staff payroll including fringes, worker’s comp, and our processing fee is 20.56%. Here is the complete breakdown:

Social Security Taxes 6.20%
Medicare Taxes 1.45%
FUTA 1.50%
SUI (State Unemployment) 3.61%*
Workers Comp 3.80%
Payroll Services 4.00%
Total 20.56%

Union costs for AFTRA/SAG, IATSE, etc., are not included but will be calculated according to the particular contract signed by the producer. For qualified “Independent Contractors,” the rate decreases from 20.56% to 7.8%. See IRS definitions regarding “Independent Contractors.”

* SUI percentage quoted for the state of Georgia.